This August Advocacy: Schedule a Site Visit!

We are already halfway through our August Advocacy campaign! Keep up the momentum and continue to send advocacy letters to your legislators. In addition to our goal of 50,000 letters from 2,500 different advocates, NAHRO has set a goal of 50 site visits this year!

Site visits are in-person or virtual meetings with your legislators or their staff that allow you to showcase your agency, programs, and residents. These visits are a great opportunity to form more personal connections with your legislators.

NAHRO’s August Advocacy website includes a step-by-step guide for planning and reporting site visits. NAHRO’s Legislative Affairs team can assist with contact information, scheduling, and reporting of site visits.

For more information about planning and reporting site visits and to track goal progress, visit NAHRO’s August Advocacy website. Also, remember to send advocacy letters for this week’s topic: Increase Housing Voucher Effectiveness!