This Week of August Advocacy: Speak Up for Housing Vouchers!

The third week of this year’s August Advocacy campaign begins TODAY. We are making progress on our goals; More than 590 advocates have sent about 7,020 letters to their legislators and the White House. Still, we have a long way to go to reach 50,000 letters. Send your week three letter and invite a colleague to advocate with you. This week, we are urging Congress to increase housing voucher effectiveness.

Congress must ensure public housing agencies (PHAs) have all the tools necessary to overcome barriers to an effective Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program in their rental markets. To achieve this goal, NAHRO’s August Advocacy letter asks Congress to:

  • Provide resident services to families through the use of voucher and administrative accounts
  • Make it easier for families to find homes by allowing the pre-inspection of units
  • Increase PHA payment standard discretion for vouchers to keep up with rental inflation

Visit our Action Alert Center to send your advocacy letters in less than five minutes. You can learn more about this year’s campaign on the August Advocacy website. Thank you for your advocacy!