YARDI SPONSORED WEBINAR: How PHAs are Simplifying RFTA with Online Solutions

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM  Eastern Standard Time


Make it easier for landlords to accept HCVs and for participants to complete required compliance forms. RentCafe PHA Online RFTA is a new solution that digitizes forms and workflows. It helps move the process along with a proven step-by-step flow for all parties – without paperwork to mail or fax.

It seems everyone has a smart device or another way to access the internet, including most landlords and households your PHA works with every day. They are comfortable with technology and expect to do business online. Leverage those personal devices and skills to boost your HCV program, attract new landlords and retain those you currently work with for the long term.

Tune in to this webinar and see a demonstration of Online RFTA workflows in RentCafe PHA.

Learning outcomes:

  • Become familiar with Online RFTA workflows in RentCafe PHA
  • See how digitizing steps in the process saves time and money
  • Gain a new strategy for landlord attraction and retention

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Director of Communications
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