Wells Award Judging Guidelines

Qualifications: Each nominee must be an individual or associate member of National NAHRO, have contributed in the areas of community leadership, advocacy, public relations and to the activities of NAHRO and is not employed by the Housing Authority and serve as Commissioner simultaneously.

Recipients will be selected on the basis of their contributions in areas 1 through 4. 

1.   Community Leader: the candidate's ability to persuade the community at-large that it must provide the support and assistance necessary for housing and community development programs to continue.[ 0-30 points]

2.  Advocate: the candidate's ability to articulate the importance and purpose of the authority's efforts. [0-30 points]

3.  Public Relations Officer:   the candidate's ability to communicate effectively to the press about the authority's accomplishments, programs, policies, and future plans. [0-20 points]

4.  NAHRO Service:  the candidate's service to NAHRO through participation at the Chapter, Regional, or National level. [0-20 points]


Nominees must receive an average score from the jury of at least 70 points to be considered for receipt of the award.