Join Us on July 15 for Housing is Infrastructure Call-In Day!

Join NAHRO and national housing organizations from the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding on a national call-in day to support housing is infrastructure! 

 On Thursday, July 15, housing advocates from around the country will call their legislators to urge them to push for housing to be included in any infrastructure package that Congress considers. Make sure your voice is heard on this critical issue- visit NAHRO’s web site to learn how to participate.  

Infrastructure is a top priority for Congress this month – but they are not convinced that housing is critical infrastructure. On June 24, President Joe Biden announced his support of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework negotiated by 10 senators. The $1.2 trillion framework does not propose any funding for housing programs. We need to change that- call your legislators on July 15.  

Over the next few weeks, infrastructure negotiations will continue on Capitol Hill. President Biden originally proposed $40 billion for public housing in his American Jobs Plan. Depending on the path that Congress takes to pass their infrastructure plan, there could be an historic investment in housing programs, including the $70 billion backlog in public housing capital funds. However, no funding is guaranteed! You must help your elected officials understand the urgency of preserving affordable housing units for the lowest-income families in your community.  

Speak up for public housing! The infrastructure package is a unique opportunity to preserve public housing for future generations. Every voice matters as we urge Congress to prioritize housing and community development programs.  

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