Advocacy & Policy

What We Do

NAHRO’s Legislative Affairs and Policy & Program Development teams work to educate Congress, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, along with other federal agencies, about the programs NAHRO members administer and the resources and guidance they need, and provide resources for NAHRO members to do the same.

NAHRO Priorities

These are our legislative and regulatory priorities to support quality, affordable housing and thriving communities.

  • Fully Fund Affordable Housing and Community Development Programs
  • Champion Resilient Families and Communities
  • Support Local, Equitable Community-Based Solutions
  • Preserve and Develop the Nation’s Housing Stock


NAHRO’s newest report on America’s housing and community development programs! NAHRO 360:

  • Compiles data that focuses on the programs NAHRO members work most closely with
  • Helps shape NAHRO’s future legislative and regulatory asks
  • Highlights critical data on our programs for the media, Congress, and other stakeholders

Action Alert Center

NAHRO’s Action Alerts provide calls to action and advocacy resources for housing and community development advocates.



Tables that compare past, current, and proposed HUD program appropriations. The funding is broken down by the individual HUD program accounts.

NAHRO Correspondence

A chronological listing of letters and memos that were sent to Congress, HUD, and other federal agencies including comment letters on pending legislation, regulations, and guidance.

NAHRO Policy Resources

Additional policy resources oriented to help NAHRO members better understand federal housing and community development programs


Eric Oberdorfer

Director of Policy and Program Development
phone 202-289-3500 x 7213 mail Send Eric an email

Tess Hembree

Director of Legislative Affairs
phone 202-289-3500 x 7225 mail Send Tess an email

Gabriel Smith

Legislative Affairs Analyst
phone 202-580-3500 x 7202 mail Send Gabriel an email