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Executive Office

Mike Gerber

Interim CEO
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Sylvia Bowen

Director of Board Relations & Special Projects/Regional Service Officer: MARC
phone 202-289-3500 x 7201 mail Send Sylvia an email


Chuck Wellard, CAE

Chief Operating Officer
phone 202-289-3500 x 6260 mail Send Chuck an email

Mohammed “Mo” Abdelaziz

Staff Accountant
phone 202-289-3500 x 7231 mail Send Mohammed an email

Customer Service/Member Relations

Lori Myers-Carpenter

Director of Customer Service/Member Relations
phone 202-289-3500 x 7221 mail Send Lori an email

Karen Terrell

Conference Registrar Customer Service/Member Relations
phone 202-289-3500 x 7220 mail Send Karen an email

LaTonya Rajah, C-PHM, NCC

Customer Relations Specialist – Awards Customer Service/Member Relations
phone 202-289-3500 x 7206 mail Send Latonya an email

Professional Development

Jackie Taboada

Director of Professional Development
phone 202-289-3500 x 7227 mail Send Jackie an email

Julz Harvey

Training Operations Manager
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Blake Pavlik

Director, NAHRO Certification
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Greg Shpak

Sales and Business Development Manager
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Luke Beckles

Customer Relations Associate
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Policy and Program Development

Georgi Banna, Esq.

Director of Policy and Program Development
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Congressional Relations

Tess Hembree

Director of Congressional Relations
phone 202-289-3500 x 7225 mail Send Tess an email

Jenna Hampton

Government Relations Analyst
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Sylvia Gimenez

Director of Communications
phone 202-289-3500 x 7224 mail Send Sylvia an email

Libby Miller

Assistant Editor/Public Affairs Coordinator
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Regional Support

Jori Solomon

Regional Service Officer- PSWRC
phone 202-289-3500 x 7210 mail Send Jori an email