National Standing Committees

NAHRO has national standing committees that focus on the major priorities of the membership. They provide a vehicle for members to share their experience and expertise as the association advocates for appropriate laws and policies that are sensitive to the needs of the people whom we serve, are financially and programmatically viable for our industry, and are flexible, promote deregulation and local decision making. Committees also assist in the development of educational products and services that are available in a variety of mediums. They help collect and disseminate international and professional practices to NAHRO membership, which may be of value in policy formulation both nationally and locally. Committees provide critical and careful oversight of the association’s fiscal and administrative practices, and establish polices related to NAHRO’s professional certification and credentialing programs. Committee members are appointed by the President and Regional Presidents for two-year terms and must serve on the corresponding regional committee (except the International Committee).

Committee members represent the diversity of the NAHRO membership–agencies of varying sizes, types, and locations; some have experience, while some are relatively new to the industry and NAHRO. New members will bring fresh ideas and insights to the committee. Experienced members will provide guidance and perspective. All committee members must be associates from organizational members or allied individual members of NAHRO.

To view information on national standing committees, click on the links below:

Budget and Administration Committee

Commissioners Committee

Community Revitalization and Development Committee

Housing Committee

International Research and Global Exchange Committee

Member Services Committee

Professional Development Committee

Professional Code of Conduct

Every NAHRO individual member or associate, allied individual member, and those certified through one of NAHRO’s Credentialing programs, must live and work by NAHRO’s Code of Professional Conduct.

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