Advocacy & Policy

Policy Resources

NAHRO Correspondence

A chronological listing of letters and memos that were sent to Congress, HUD, and other federal agencies including comment letters on pending legislation, regulations, and guidance.


NAHRO’s newest report on America’s housing and community development programs! NAHRO 360 compiles data that focuses on the programs NAHRO members work most closely with, helps shape NAHRO’s future legislative and regulatory asks, and highlights critical data on our programs for the media, Congress, and other stakeholders.

Appropriations In Depth

Tables that compare past, current, and proposed HUD program appropriations. The funding is broken down by the individual HUD program accounts.

Regulatory Resources

Policy resources including regulations, analysis, NAHRO comment letters, and other policy documents regarding recently released housing and community development regulations.

Housing Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

NAHRO’s recommendations for additional resources and common-sense changes to existing housing programs so that housing agencies have the fundamental tools they will need to create long-term housing solutions post-pandemic.

Other NAHRO Publications

NAHRO regularly publishes policy-focused articles in our dedicated NAHRO Blog and in our twice-monthly newsletter The NAHRO Monitor.

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