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NAHRO’s training programs of the highest quality. All of our faculty are experts in their areas of industry knowledge. Most work or have worked at senior positions in the affordable housing and community development industry. Therefore, they understand agency operations and management and the responsibility that accompanies these responsibilities, as well as the challenges of providing quality service to those they serve.

NAHRO offers training programs both in person and online in a variety of topical areas. These trainings are offered online or at one of our training centers.

To learn what trainings we have coming up, please visit our training calendar. More information about our faculty is available on our faculty page.

Interested in hosting a private training or not seeing what you need? Please contact Greg Shpak by email gshpak@nahro.org or phone 202-580-7218 or simply fill out this form!

Intro to Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing ABCse-Learning
Excellence in Customer ServiceIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Ethics for Managemente-Learning
Ethics for Specialistse-Learning
Fair HousingIn-Person/Virtual Classroom


Commissioner’s Fundamentals*In-Person/Virtual Classroom
Commissioners Guide to Monitoring & Oversight*In-Person/Virtual Classroom
Ethics for Commissioners*e-Learning/In-Person/Virtual classroom
Strategic Planning & Agency DevelopmentIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Pay and Compensation: What you need to know*e-Learning
* indicates recently revised.

Executive Leadership

Executive Management & LeadershipIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
High Performance ManagementIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Executive Management & Board RelationsIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Workshop for EDsIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
The Definitive Guide for New Executive DirectorsIn-Person/Virtual Classroom

Family Self-Sufficiency

Family Self-SufficiencyIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Getting your Program Coordinator Committee (PCC) Up and RunningComing soon!
Managing the FSS Participants’ Escrow Account: A Practical MethodComing soon!
The Pillar of Your Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program: The Contract of Participation e-Learning
Creating a Non-Profit to Grow Your FSS Programe-Learning
Resident LeadershipIn-Person/Virtual Classroom

File documentation and Case development

Preparing for Housing Assistance Payments Termination e-Learning
Preparing for Lease Termination, Hearing and Trial e-Learning

The Financial Management Training Program

Increasing Non-Federal Revenuee-Learning
Leadership Developmente-Learning
Staff DevelopmentIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Industry Knowledge & UpdateIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Real Estate Deal Structure & Property OperationsIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Cyber IT & SecurityIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
In partnership with Aprio & Gans, Gans & Associates

Housing Choice Voucher

Housing Choice Voucher Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation (HCVOEIR)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
HCV Eligibility Income and Rent Calculation (HCV EIR)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
HCV Occupancy (HCVO)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
HCV Project Based Vouchers (PBV)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
HCV Portability In-Person/Virtual Classroom
HCV HomeownershipIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
HCV Homeownership Intensive Calculation Workshope-Learning
Rent Calculation Essentials for HCV and PH StaffIn-Person/Virtual Classroom

Maintenance & Inspections

Managing MaintenanceIn-person/Virtual classroom
Housing Quality Standards (HQS)In-person/Virtual classroom
HQS Refreshere-Learning
UPCSIn-person/Virtual classroom
Transition to NSPIRE – What to expect with HUD inspectionse-Learning
            2021 High Priority NSPIRE Inspectionse-Learning

Organizational Planning and Development

Strategic Planninge-Learning
Succession PlanningIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Leading during Times of Change and Transitione-Learning

Public Housing

Public Housing Manager (PHM)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
Public Housing Occupancy, Eligiblity, Income, and Rent Caluation (PHOEIR)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
Public Housing Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation (PH EIR)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
Public Housing Occupancy (PHO)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
PHASIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
HOTMAIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Property Management EssentialsIn-Person/Virtual Classroom

Repositioning Public Housing

HUD Conversions: What to know before you starte-Learning
Mixed Finance DevelopmentIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
RAD Project Based Rental Assistance (PBRA)In-Person/Virtual Classroom
RAD Project Based Vouchers (PBV)In-Person/Virtual Classroom

Section 3 and Labor Standards

Section 3 and Labor Standards: Job Opportunities for Low-Income PersonsIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Procurement & Contract ManagementIn-Person/Virtual Classroom
Procurement and Contract Management Refreshere-Learning
New Section 3 Requirements for 2021e-Learning
Capital FundIn-Person/Virtual Classroom

Technical Assistance

Salary StudiesEmail/virtual based

Praise for Our Commissioners Fundamentals Course

“Extremely professional, exceptionally done, excellent presenters who were extremely knowledgeable and prepared. Excellent usage of the Zoom format!! NAHRO has set the bar once again!!!”