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NAHRO Salary Studies for Your Housing Agency

NAHRO performs salary and compensation comparability studies using the latest industry data and technology. We conduct extensive research to deliver the salary and compensation information you need. 

How We Do It 

Our team reviews your existing salary and compensation structure, researches comparable jobs in your area and looks at local employment and labor market trends. 

The analysis will include salaries for specific positions within: 

We’ll then use the results to determine whether your compensation structure is aligned with like-industry salaries and/or establish a salary scale for you. 

The final study includes: 

  • A summary of the comparability study and methodology used
  • Relevant HUD and DOL regulations
  • New salary ranges and recommendations based on the study.
  • Research of comparable jobs and salary ranges used for the study.

Why Does My Agency Need a Salary Study? 

  • HUD requires salary studies. Ensuring that salaries are in line with regulations and local standards is crucial for compliance with PIH-2011-48 (HA), which reads: 

As stated in recent public notices published in the Federal Register (i.e., 76 FR 23330 and 76 FR 40741), Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) that administer HUD assisted public housing and housing choice voucher programs will be required to report to HUD annually the compensation provided to each of their five highest compensated employees, which will then be posted on HUD’s website with job titles but without employee names. This will serve as a valuable transparency and oversight tool and a point of comparison for local PHA boards in determining appropriate compensation levels. To that end, all PHA boards will also be required to conduct comparability analyses when determining executive director compensation levels and certify that such an analysis has been performed.”  

  • Competitive compensation attracts – and keeps – high-performing employees. Having market-rate salary and benefit packages, as well as clear information about performance-based raises and merit increases, helps your agency hire and maintain excellent staff. Salary surveys also help ensure that employees with similar roles and responsibilities are appropriately compensated. 
  • Salary studies provide valuable data for budget allocation. Salary surveys can help agencies ensure that they have the resources to competitively compensate their employees without overspending. 

Why Are You Contacting My Agency for Salary Information?  

NAHRO faculty regularly contact agencies by email and request employee salary/compensation information to ensure our salary studies reflect the latest job market.  

By sharing your agency’s employee compensation information, you can help ensure housing professionals in your area, or at comparable agencies, are qualified and fairly employed. Housing jobs have never been more critical, and your participation will help us ensure housers at all levels can continue to support our communities.  

Privacy is very important to us! NAHRO will never request personally identifiable information (PII) as part of a salary study. The results of the salary study will only be shared with the agency who requested it. 


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