Certification & Training

NAHRO Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CEUs are required for anyone seeking recertification for their NAHRO Certification — more information on recertification can be found here.


What is a CEU? 

CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit — NAHRO issues CEUs based on continuing education in the housing and community development sphere.

How many CEUs is ____ worth? 

Typically, 1 hour of training = 0.1 CEUs. NAHRO trainings are worth differing amounts of CEUs, which can be found on the Training & Services page. National NAHRO conferences are worth 1.5 CEUs.

Does a training I took with another provider count toward my CEUs? 

If the training was housing and community development related, and you have proof of credit and the training’s length, it can count towards your CEUs.

How do I acquire CEUs? 

Please see the section below on this page about ways to earn CEUs — options include NAHRO trainings, National NAHRO conferences, non-NAHRO trainings, and more.

Where do I go to submit my CEUs? 

You can submit proof of your CEUs on your recertification application when you apply for recertification. If you want to know if your proof of CEUs will count prior to submitting, please contact professionaldevelopment@nahro.org.

Ways to Earn NAHRO CEUs

NAHRO trainings

You can earn CEUs by attending most NAHRO trainings. These CEUs will be listed on the participation certificate issued to you after the training. The amount depends on the length of the training.

National NAHRO conferences (Washington, Summer Symposium, National)

Attendees of National NAHRO conferences can earn 1.5 CEUs by attending conferences. Starting in April 2024, these CEUs will be issued automatically to any attendees who pick up their badge at the conference. For conferences prior to April 2024, please contact professionaldevelopment@nahro.org to get your CEUs.

Non-NAHRO trainings

Housing trainings with other providers can count toward NAHRO CEUs if you provide proof of credit and the training’s length.

Non-training CEUs

CEUs can be earned for several different non-training opportunities. To have these CEUs issued to you, please contact professionaldevelopment@nahro.org.

  • National president — 2.5 CEUs (per term).
  • National committee chair — 1.9 CEUs (per term).
  • Regional president —1.4 CEUs (per term).
  • State chapter president — 1.4 CEUs (per term).
  • Chair of a regional or state committee — 0.7 CEUs (per term).
  • Active member of a national committee — 0.30 CEUs (per term).
  • Assist in developing a national conference session — 0.2 CEUs.
  • Moderate a national conference session — 0.2 CEUs.
  • Participate as panelist for a national conference session — 0.3 CEUs.  
  • Teach a class related to housing and community development (2 or more times a year) — 0.7 CEUs (per year).
  • Publish an article related to housing and community development — 0.7 CEUs (per year).

Any further questions about CEUs? Contact professionaldevelopment@nahro.org!