2024 Legislative & Regulatory Agenda

Responsible funding for housing and redevelopment agencies that supports holistic approaches to housing and community development and helps to build and preserve affordable units through streamlined programs that allow for creative, local solutions.

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) has worked for the past 91 years to ensure that all families have access to safe, secure affordable housing in strong, resilient communities across the country. NAHRO, established in 1933, is a membership organization of 26,000 housing and community development providers and professionals throughout the United States. NAHRO members create and manage affordable housing for low- and middle-income families and support vibrant communities that enhance the quality of life for all. NAHRO members administer more than 3 million homes for more than 8 million people. NAHRO advocates for affordable housing and community development to ensure that everyone has access to an affordable, quality home in a strong, vibrant community.


Funding Requests

Adequate and Responsible Funding

Holistic Approaches to Housing and Community Development

Build and Preserve Affordable Units through Streamlined Programs

Creative, Local Solutions