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NAHRO Certification

What is certification and why is it important to you, your organization, and the public?

The certification of specialized skill-sets affirms a knowledge and experience base for practitioners in a particular field, their employers, and the public at large.

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The Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) serves as the member-based organization for the field of certification to enhance professional excellence and ensure the competency of certification.

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Objectives of NAHRO Certification are to:

  • Provide an acknowledgement (certification) of an individual’s demonstrated mastery of specific knowledge and skills;
  • Permit employers to distinguish current and prospective employees relevant to their specific areas of expertise.

Current NAHRO Certifications

NAHRO Commissioner Certification

NAHRO Housing and Voucher Professional Certifications

NAHRO Inspection Certifications

NAHRO Management Certifications

For further information regarding NAHRO Certification, contact:

certification@nahro.org or call toll-free 877-866-2476.