NAHRO Certification Application

This Certification Application is for anyone applying for a NEW certification with NAHRO. If you are applying for a recertification of a NAHRO certification you already possess, please fill out our NAHRO Recertification Application.

Before starting, please ensure that you have the following documents, as you will need to upload them to complete the application:

  • A participation certificate for any of the trainings required for certification (including an ethics training certificate)
  • A Certification Exam certificate (unless you are applying for the NCC)
  • A resume with your education/work experience

If you are waiving a training requirement with years of experience, you must also upload a description of your work experience and provide a reference to verify your experience, if necessary.

If your NAHRO Certification requires additional hours of training, please note that NAHRO Conferences (National, Washington, or Summer Symposium) can count towards Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for certifications.

If you do not have the required NAHRO certificates for the certification you are applying for, or if your conference CEUs are not on your account, please email