Certification & Training

NAHRO Certification Policies

Policies related to NAHRO Certification can be found on this page. Questions? Contact professionaldevelopment@nahro.org.

Training Requirements 

For training requirements as a prerequisite to certification, NAHRO will accept equivalent trainings from other providers if you provide proof of credit for attending the training.

For the ethics requirement for certification, only NAHRO’s Ethics trainings will be accepted (effective as of 4/8/24).

The following policies will be effective as of 5/1/2024.

Training Requirements 

Any training (other than ethics) required for certification will remain valid for three years after the training credit is issued.  

If you took a training over three years ago, you must either retake the training or, if you have the required years of experience, waive the training requirement.  

Exam Scores 

Similar to training requirements, passing exam scores are valid for three years from the date the exam score is issued.  

If you earned a passing score over three years ago, you must retake the exam. Exam requirements cannot be waived.  

Certification Expiration/Recertification 

If your certification has expired within the last six months, you can still recertify and stay within your current certification cycle! The recertification process does not require you to re-take exams, however, you must earn the required Continuing Education Units (CEUs) before applying for recertification. 

If it has been more than six months since your certification expired, you will need to start the full certification process over, including passing the applicable exam.