Certification & Training

Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM)

NAHRO’s Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM) designation demonstrates that an individual has the knowledge, skills and ability necessary for:

  • Recognizing the primary roles and responsibilities of a Public Housing Manager.
  • Identifying requirements and options for structuring their team, maximizing revenue, monitoring their budget and improving day to day operations.
  • Discovering strategies to improve their PHAS scores by understanding PHAS indicators and scoring criteria.
  • Managing key occupancy functions including screening, marketing, lease enforcement, maintenance, rent collections, eligibility, and resident relations.
  • Identifying ongoing and preventative maintenance issues.
  • Effectively supervising and managing their employees.

How do I get the NAHRO Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM)?

NAHRO has two paths to becoming Certified! Please refer to the chart below to determine the path that works best for you. 

Certification Requirements

Education & ExperienceHigh School Diploma or Equivalent AND 6 months of experience 
OR Associates degree and above (6 months of experience not required) 
Specialist TrainingCompletion of NAHRO’s Public Housing Manager (PHM) Training 
Ethics TrainingCompletion of Ethics for Housing Professionals
OR Ethics for Management Training 
ExamPassing score on NAHRO’s Public Housing Manager (PHM) Certification Exam 
ApplicationSubmission of Certification Application 

Requirement to waive the management training and sit for the exam

To waive the management training requirement, participants must have five (5) or more years of experience working in the public housing sector (e.g., Case/Asset/Property Managers, Occupancy Specialists) and demonstrated knowledge in all the following: 

  • Public Housing regulations, statutes, policies, and procedures relating to admissions and continued occupancy. 
  • Rules and regulations relating to hearings, grievances, and terminations in public housing.
  • Federal rules and requirements of the Capital Fund Program. 
  • Requirements pertaining to the use and protocol of the annual inspection and Uniform Physical Condition Standards in public housing.
  • Federal guidelines and indicators of the Public Housing Assessment Program System (PHAS).

NOTE: Individuals waiving the specialist training still have the following requirements: 

Education & ExperienceHigh School Diploma or Equivalent
Ethics TrainingCompletion of NAHRO’s Ethics for Housing Professionals
OR Ethics for Management Training 
ExamPassing score on NAHRO’s Public Housing Manager (PHM) Certification Exam 
Application  Submission of Certification Application 

If you are unsure if you are eligible to waive the specialist training requirement, please email professionaldevelopment@nahro.org or call 202-589-7211 

All applicants must understand the importance of, and agree to adhere to, NAHRO’s Professional Code of Conduct. 


0.5 NAHRO CEUs (5 training hours) are required every 3 years from date of certification

Already a NAHRO Public Housing Manager (PHM)? 

For further information regarding NAHRO Certification, contact: