Certification & Training

Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM)

Certification Type

Specialist Certification


By achieving NAHRO’s C-PHM designation, an individual has demonstrated that he/she understands the role and responsibility of a property manager and the major functions of property management in the context of public housing.  The individual understands the concepts of asset management, including occupancy, maintenance, inspections, safety and security, marketing, leasing, site-based budgeting, and Federal Regulations related to these functions.  She/he understands the principles of effective communication and the dynamics of supervising staff. He/she is aware of and practices Fair Housing.  This individual understands the importance of and agrees to adhere to the highest standards of professional ethical conduct.  Note: the certification description may be modified and/or changes as Job/Practice Analysis are completed.

Certification Requirements

LESS Than Five Years’ Experience in the Housing & Redevelopment Industry

1. Successful completion of the following education  or equivalent:

If not utilizing NAHRO Public Housing Manager training (which includes an ethics module), ONE of the following is required.


2. Completion of Certification Application

MORE Than Five Years’ Experience in the Housing & Redevelopment Industry

1. Successful Completion of the following education or equivalent:

  • C-PHM Certification Examination

AND (one of the following)


2. Completion of Certification Application

Already a NAHRO Public Housing Manager (PHM)? 

Application form


0.5 NAHRO Continuing Education Units (CEUs, approximately 5 hours) or equivalent required every 3 years from date of certification.

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