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NAHRO Testimony

Congressional Testimony

Georgi Banna, General Counsel and Director of Strategic Initiatives at NAHRO (5/22/2024)

Jennifer Keogh, Deputy Director of the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (7/20/2021)

Georgi Banna, Director of Policy and Program Development for NAHRO (3/24/2021)

Ann Gass, Director of Strategic Housing Initiatives for the Housing Authority of the City of Austin; Bobby Collins, Executive Director for the Housing Authority of Shreveport; and Eugene Jones Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer for the Atlanta Housing Authority (2/5/2020)

Ivory Matthews, Executive Director of Columbia Housing (11/7/2019)

Adrianne Todman, Former NAHRO CEO (4/30/2019)

Ailrick Young, Executive Director of Laurel Housing Authority (9/20/2016)