International Research and Global Exchange Committee


To promote and share global exchanges of information and develop relationships that assist the NAHRO membership and all those engaged in the development and operation of housing and community development programs.


Vision – Just as every company in the world needs research and development to be aware of emerging trends and best practices, so should professional organizations.  Housing and community revitalization needs are not addressed just through programs developed within the United States.  Social housing and revitalization activities are found throughout the world.

Committee Role – The role of the IRGE Committee is to study these practices, with intention placed on both best practices and problems faced in other countries.

Committee Responsibilities – The IRGE Committee has a responsibility to serve as an ambassador and liaison to other countries.  Further, the Committee has a responsibility to effectively communicate the results of research and observations to our membership and the communities we serve. In so doing, the IRGE Committee shall foster the highest standards of ethical behavior, service and accountability to ensure the public trust.

The International Committee shall be composed of three representatives from each Region to be selected according to procedures established by the Regional Council. If a corresponding regional International Committee exists, the three representatives shall be members of the committee and one of the three shall be the current Chair. An additional fourteen at-large members shall be appointed by the National President in consultation with the Regional Presidents. At least one presidential appointment shall be made from each Region. The President may, in addition to the at-large appointments, appoint as non-voting ad hoc members of the Committee representatives of international organizations, provided that the number of such additional non-voting ad hoc members serving at any time shall not exceed seven.

Current Resources

Committee Members

Irma Gorham PHM
Executive Director
Housing Authority of the City of Paterson

Vice Chair
Jeff Du Manoir
General Manager
NEC Software Solutions

New England Regional Council
Joseph E. Gray Jr.
Kevin L. Loso SPHM, NACD, CD

Middle Atlantic Regional Council 
Don E. Bibb PHM
Kerron R. Barnes
John Mahon PHM
Laurie Putscher
Elizabeth Scott Glenn

North Central Regional Council
Joaquin Cintron-Vega
Ann McKenzie
Alan Zais SPHM, PHM

Southeastern Regional Council
Patricia Allen
Anthony Goodson, Jr.
Michael Lazdowsky
Sheldone Packer
Jerome D. Ryans, NAHRO Fellow
Darbah Skaf
Henrietta Snipes

Southwest Regional Council
Robin Walls
MaryAnn Chavez Lopez
Scheherazade Perkins
Chonda Tapley

Pacific Southwest Regional Council
Lisa Baker
Dawn Bonsu PHM
Elizabeth C. Morris
John Polanskey

Pacific Northwest Regional Council
Margaret Brammall
Saeed Hajarizadeh
Lloyd Halverson
Carlos Reyes

Mountain Plains Regional Council
Julie J. Brewen PHM
Donald May
Jim McGrath
Sharon P Scudder PHM