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See Our 2020 “What Home Means to Me” Winners!

October 7, 2019
Pictured left to right: 2019 “What Home Means to Me” winner Xeniya with her sister Dallas.

The long wait is finally over! Thirteen beautiful works of art have been chosen for the 2020 “What Home Means to Me” calendar. Starting on September 24, we’ve been releasing one winner per day on Twitter and the Housing America website – check back daily for updates. The grand prize-winning artwork will be announced on Friday, October 11 at CONNECT to Partners, the 2019 NAHRO National Conference and Exhibition.

Thank you to all the children and teens who created such beautiful artwork, the housing authorities and state and regional chapters who held their contests, and to the three judges who painstakingly selected our 13 winners:

  • Jayla, Housing Authority of the City of Erie (Penn.)
  • Owen, Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration
  • Gabriel, Fargo (N.D.) Housing and Redevelopment Authority
  • Samuel, Boulder (Colo.) Housing Partners
  • Jayden, Bloomington (Ill.) Housing Authority
  • Gracielle, Winnebago County (Ill.) Housing Authority
  • Evan, Bristol (Conn.) Housing Authority
  • Martin, Housing Authoirty of Yamhill County (Ore.)
  • Mitchell, Housing Authority of the County of Alameda (Calif.)
  • Angeles, City of Anaheim (Calif.) Housing of Authority
  • Serenity, Housing Authority of the City of LaGrange (Ga.)
  • Caniya, Greensboro (N.C.) Housing Authority
  • Sunny, Stillwater (Okla.) Housing Authority 

We’d also like to thank our three judges for their time and the difficult decisions they made while picking the calendar winners: HUD Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing Hunter Kurtz, National League of Cities CEO Clarence Anthony, and College to Congress Communications Director Domonique Jones. 

Calendars will be available for purchase soon.

LEFT TO RIGHT: National League of Cities CEO Clarence Anthony, NAHRO Assistant Editor & Housing America Liaison Ashanti Wright, HUD Assistant Secretary for Public and Indian Housing Hunter Kurtz, and College to Congress Communications Director Domonique Jones.

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