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RAD PBRA – Management & Occupancy Reviews (MORs)
You have chosen to put your RAD property under PBRA and now it is subject to a Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) and MORs audits. MORs, unlike PHAS and SEMAP, consist of several parts including a review of HUD required property documents; resident files; and EIV usage and report retention. This session will help alleviate the mystery and apprehension you may have and allow your MOR to be a productive and educational experience for you and your staff.

Faircloth to RAD – Maximizing Untapped Potential
Does your community need additional affordable housing? Yes! Does your agency have “Faircloth” authority? Maybe. Not Sure. HUD’s Faircloth-to-RAD program which lets PHAs build new Public Housing units and convert them to Section 8 subsidy may be the answer. This session will cover the pros and cons of Faircloth-to-RAD and walk through the process. Presenters will discuss the impact of Faircloth authority for PHAs of all sizes, extra-large to extra-small, and how much Faircloth authority your agency has. Bring your questions and join the conversation on the creation of new publicly owned affordable housing units!

RAD Roundtable: Lessons Learned
In this session, panelist will share their RAD conversion stories; what they were especially proud of and what they wished they knew before they converted. Topics range from, struggling to meet guarantee requirements, rent enhancements, operational issues, dealing with EPCs, lack on interim funding and so much more.

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