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Toolbox for Leadership Excellence: Communicating for Peak Results


This isn’t your everyday communication training!  Join us and continue to build your skills and style into one that gets results!

This session is designed to give seasoned housing leaders a place to expand and improve your communication skills in a way that builds trust, teamwork and a positive workplace culture.

A series of case studies and a set of simple strategies embedded in the Cycle of Promise, facilitated by an executive coach with 40 years of housing experience, will help you develop your style in a way that gets results for you and your agency.  

This workshop is part of NAHRO’s brand new “Toolbox for Leadership Excellence” which will include a series of short, interactive learning opportunities for today’s busy leaders.

This training will teach you new strategies and techniques to help you:

  • Distinguish your role in your organization’s achievement of its goals.
  • Explore the Cycle of Promise and the relationship between communication and results.
  • Expand your leadership communication skills and increase your confidence in managing difficult performance and accountability conversations.
  • Develop strategies for a positive culture of accountability.


After completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the key components of achieving results.
  • Apply these results with the Cycle of Promise framework.
  • Identify areas of accountability management and refresh your skills for crucial conversations.
  • Build a personal developmental learning plan

Who should attend?

Anyone currently in a leadership position

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