HUD Conversions: What to know before you start

HUD Conversions: What to know before you start


Is your agency considering repositioning your public housing? It’s a big decision. Do you know everything you need in order to decide on the right program for your agency?

Join us for a review and discussion of key areas you’ll want to consider and analyze before you make the decision to move forward with rental assistance demonstration (RAD) or other repositioning options.


After completing this training, participants will be able to:

· Analyze individual portfolio(s) to consider if repositioning is the right choice

· Identify major repositioning options such as RAD, Section 22 and Section 18

· Consider the impact of repositioning on residents, staff, your board, and other agency partners to reduce fear and anxiety

· Consider the impacts on ownership and ownership changes

· Prepare your agency for critical discussions and analyses that will be needed to make the right decisions for your agency’s future

Who Should Attend?

· Executive Directors

· CEOs

· Commissioners

· Directors

· Managers