HUD Email Provides Information on Voucher Timelines

Earlier today, HUD sent its monthly “The HCV Connect” email. The email emphasized the following points:

  • Housing agencies with voucher programs should finalize their 2023 reporting by January 29th;
  • Moving to Work (MTW) agencies should report MTW eligible activities that the agency has dedicated MTW HCV reserves towards in the Voucher Management System (VMS);
  • HUD will begin revoking and reallocating certain Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) soon based on data as of Feb. 15–if a housing agency is on the list for revocation (see PIH Notice 2023-31), it should try to maximize voucher issuance and leasing;
  • Waive 1 of Enterprise Voucher Management Systems (eVMS) PHAs have successfully received their voucher disbursement through the new system–all PHAs are encouraged to review and utilize the PIC Error Dashboards to prepare for the eVMS migration;
  • HUD has published FAQs for Stability Vouchers;
  • If PHAs wish to continue using HQS instead of NSPIRE, they should have notified HUD by Nov. 15, 2023 and all unvented, fuel-burning space heaters should have been removed as of Jan. 1, 2024;
  • HUD hosts voucher utilization webinars every Thursday of every month; upcoming topics include End of Year Reconciliation and Special Purpose Vouchers and Review of HCV Landlord Engagement Resources;
  • Old HUD Utilization webinars can be found here;
  • HUD will hold a small area Fair Market Rent (FMR) virtual convening on Feb. 21, 2024; and
  • Updated 2024 funding estimates have been entered into the two-year tool.
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