More Than 27,000 Letters Sent for August Advocacy!

Thank you, NAHRO Advocates! About 1,038 of you sent more than 27,000 letters to Congress and the White House this month! Together, we sent a strong message in support of federal housing solutions, including community development programs, Housing Choice Vouchers, and public housing. We sent more letters in this year’s campaign than in any other August Advocacy month prior to 2021.

The NAHRO regions each contributed to our advocacy efforts. The letter count and participant breakdown by region are as follows:

Number of Letters Sent by Region

  • MARC = 9,668
  • SERC = 6,500
  • NCRC = 4,656
  • SWRC = 3,052
  • PNRC = 1,340
  • MPRC = 1,224
  • PSWRC = 968
  • NERC = 212

Number of Participants by Region

  • SERC = 317
  • NCRC = 265
  • SWRC = 189
  • MARC = 84
  • PNRC = 75
  • PSWRC = 46
  • MPRC = 43
  • NERC = 19

Your advocacy helps elevate affordable housing and community development in Washington, DC. Stay tuned for more ways to advocacy for your communities this year. You can stay updated on NAHRO advocacy efforts at

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