Urge Congress to Fully Fund HUD Programs!

It’s time to finish strong on week five of this year’s August Advocacy campaign. Each year, Congress works on a budget to fund federal programs. NAHRO members appreciate recent robust appropriations for HUD programs, but the lateness of final spending bills has been an unnecessary challenge to already difficult work. NAHRO urges Congress to:

  • Provide robust funding levels that match or exceed the House-approved Fiscal Year 2023 Transportation-HUD spending bill
  • Ensure passage of the Fiscal Year 2023 Transportation-HUD spending bill prior to the beginning of the fiscal year on Oct. 1

Congress should provide full funding, through regular Congressional order, of affordable housing and community development programs to maximize the potential of all Americans and meet the needs of the nation’s communities. Tell your legislators to pass timely, robust appropriations.

This is the final topic of this year’s campaign, but all six advocacy letters remain in the Action Alert Center. Take five minutes today to send any of the letters that you haven’t yet sent to Congress. Let’s raise our voices together! Learn more about the campaign at

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