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HUD Issues PIH Notice 2013-4 To Further Help PHAs Reduce Administrative Burdens

Summary:  Prior to HUD’s issuance of PIH Notice 2013-4, PHAs were required by HUD to verify the documentation submitted by households of various sources of income and/or benefits, but PHAs were also required to exclude some or all of these amounts for purposes of determining eligibility and rent calculations.  In another major victory for NAHRO and its members who worked on this issue, HUD recently PIH issued this Notice to help prevent PHAs from having to participate in this “Kafkaesque” process and thereby reduce administrative burdens

PIH Notice 2013-3: Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs – Temporary Compliance Assistance

Summary:  On January 22, 2013, HUD issued PIH Notice 2013-03 (HA) titled, “Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs – Temporary Compliance Assistance.”  In a major victory for NAHRO and its members, the notice: provides PHAs with temporary flexibility to use household income from the previous year rather than projecting income; permits self-certification of assets below $5,000; streamlines the income verification process for elderly and disabled families on fixed incomes; and permits PHAs to use a payment standard of up to 120 percent of Fair Market

Week in Review

In a recent New York Times editorial, the Obama Administration and Congress were criticized for considering cutting spending for HUD’s budget. The editorial describes governments’ history of cutting public housing programs and the effects cutting community development programs all together could have on the economy.

In other news, the NAHRO 2011 National Conference and Exhibition took place in St. Louis this week.

Week in Review

On Wednesday, August 31, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced five grantees will receive Choice Neighborhoods implementation funding totaling $122 million.  The recipients are the Cities of Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Seattle. The as-yet unauthorized Choice Neighborhood Initiative is the administration’s proposed replacement for the established Hope VI Program, which is dedicated to revitalizing public housing.

Attention NAHRO members!

PIH Notice 2011-14: Guidelines for Undertaking Financing Unsecured by Public Housing Assets

Publication Date:  February 24, 2011

PIH Notice 2011-11: Extension - Administering the Community Service and Self-Sufficiency Requirement

Publication Date:  February 11, 2011

Cross References:  PIH Notice 2003-17 and PIH 2009-48

Summary:  This notice extends for another year Notice PIH 2009-48, same subject, which expired on November 25, 2010.  As required by 24 CFR Subpart F, 960.600, every adult resident of public housing must contribute eight hours of community service each month, or participate in an economic self-sufficiency program for eight hours each month. 

PIH 2010-48: Extension—Cost- Test and Market Analyses Guidelines for the Voluntary Conversion of Public Housing Units

Publication Date: 12/23/2010 (Effective date is 10/1/2010)

Summary: This notice extends Notice PIH 2008-35 (PHA), same subject, extended by Notice PIH 2009-42, for another year until October 31, 2011.