Organizational Membership

Connection to NAHRO Gives You Expert Information, Education and Assistance to Prepare for the Challenges Ahead

Under NAHRO’s dues structure, membership is available to organizations—housing authorities, public agencies, for-profits, and non-profits involved in assisted housing or community revitalization. If your organization is a member of NAHRO, it is entitled to designate individual Associates who will benefit from the connection to NAHRO and its products and services.

Several categories with different dues structures serve the variety of organizations involved.

Housing Authorities and others that manage, administer or own assisted housing units.  Beginning January 1, 2021, Housing Authorities pay $1.54 per unit, with a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $18,000.  All units are counted. Entitled to 6 associates plus one additional associate for each $200 in dues paid with a minimum of 6 Associates and a maximum of 50 Associates.

Public Agencies/Departments involved in affordable housing, community development, and redevelopment.  These include community development departments, redevelopment agencies, state agencies, housing departments, city manager’s offices, federal departments, planning departments, etc. 

Beginning January 1, 2021, Public agencies pay by population:

  • Those less than 50,000 – DUES: $230 (7 Associates)
  • Those with a population between 50,000-100,000 – DUES: $690 (9 Associates)
  • Those with populations between 100,001-250,000 – DUES: $1,150 (11 Associates)
  • Those with populations between 250,001-500,000 – DUES: $1,610 (14 Associates)
  • Those with populations greater than 500,000 – DUES: $2,070 (16 Associates). 

Public agencies that also manage, administer or own assisted housing units pay the greater of the housing authority or the public agency rate.

Affiliate Agencies  For-profit companies and non-profit organizations concerned with housing and community development, including vendors of products and services of interest to the members; those providing professional services, i.e. architects, bankers, lawyers; and non-profit organizations. 

As of January 1, 2021, dues vary by the type of organization.

  • BUSINESS PARTNERS COUNCIL (Formerly the MSC) — Vendors, consultants and non-profits who are supplying products and services to NAHRO members and want to take advantage of special discounts on marketing opportunities, i.e. advertisements, JOHCD Buyers’ Guide, etc. DUES $615; entitles company to 9 associates. 
  • FOR PROFIT COMPANIES — Developers, architects, builders, consultants, etc.
    DUES $510; entitles company to 8 associates.

  • NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS — Housing sponsors, community action agencies, civic organizations, universities, etc. with no units under ownership or management.
    DUES $340; entitles company to 7 associates.

For additional information:

Lori Myers-Carpenter  –  877-866-2476, ext. 7221.