Member Services Q&A


Q:  Is my agency a National NAHRO Member?
A:   Please call any Customer Service Specialist at 877-866-2476, and they will be happy to assist you.

Q: How many associates is my agency allowed? 
A:  The number of associates your agency receives depends on the amount paid in member dues.  All agencies receive 6 associates as part of the membership, and 1 associate for every $200 paid in member dues, up to 50 associates at no additional cost.  If you go over your allotment, you can add associates at $25 per associate per year.

Q:  How are the NAHRO membership dues calculated for housing authorities?
A:  The dues are calculated at $1.52 per unit that the agency administers. There is a $100 minimum and a $18,000 maximum.

Q:  Does NAHRO have individual memberships?
A:   NAHRO has associates that are under the agency member umbrella.  Each member agency/organization is allotted a certain number of Associates depending on the amount of dues they pay.

NAHRO also has a category called Allied Members.  Allied Members are those who are unemployed, students, academics, retired, military, international, and HUD staff.  The cost per year is $25.00.

Please note: If you work for an organization that is not a member of NAHRO but is eligible for membership, or if you own a company that is not a member of NAHRO but is eligible for membership, then you are not eligible to join as an Allied Member.  Your organization/company must join instead. 

Q:  What is a BPC Membership?
A:   A BPC (Business Partners Council) membership is a category for those that are vendors, suppliers, consultants and non-profits who are supplying and selling products and services to NAHRO members.  BPC Membership entitles your organization to the same benefits as other NAHRO members, plus only BPC members are eligible to be included in the Buyer’s Guide and receive the discounted rate on advertising and the booth at the National Conference and Exhibition.

Q:  How can I make changes to the agency’s associates list?
A:   The primary contact or their designee can make changes to their employee/Associate information through the Associate Portal. In order to access the portal, please log into the NAHRO website.  Once logged in, click on “My Account” at the top of the page and then click on “My Groups” on the next page.  At the bottom of the Portal description page, select either the Group Manager Button or the Agency Profile Button depending on what needs to be done as outlined below.

The Group Manager button allows you to:

  • Add/Delete Employees/Commissioners
  • Assign/Remove Associates
  • Assign a Group Manager – agency’s can have up to three

The Agency Profile button allows you to:

  • Make changes to your agency’s/organization’s contact information and make payments on open orders. 

If you are not the primary contact or their designee, please use the links below to complete the online form.  Please note you will need to login in order to access these forms.  Once the form is submitted, the changes will be made within 3-5 business days and a revised Associate list and/or renewal will be emailed to the person submitting the form.

Q: Can I pay my NAHRO dues with a credit card?
A:  NAHRO accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Q: Can I pay my NAHRO dues online?
A:  Primary contacts or their designee may pay for their membership online through the Associate Portal.

Q: What are the Region and Chapter dues lines on my invoice?
A:  NAHRO collects the dues for some, not all, Regions and Chapters.  If you wish to be a member of the Region and or Chapter, please pay the additional amount.  Region and Chapter dues are totally separate from NAHRO National agency dues.


Q: How can I access the “Members Only” portion of the website?
A: You can access the “Members Only” portion of the website if you have been designated as an Associate of your agency.  You will need to login in order to access this information.  Your login consists of the following:

  • Username — email address that we have on file
  • Password — your associate ID Number minus the leading zeros (unless you have changed it)

Q: How can I change my Password?
A: Once you login for the first time with this information, you can change your password by selecting “My Account” at the top of the screen and then on the left-hand side under “Demographics” select “Username / Password.”  If you have trouble changing your password, please call 877-866-2476 and ask for a Customer Service Specialist.

Q: How can I obtain my Associate ID Number?
A:  Please call any Customer Service Specialist at 877-866-2476, and they will be happy to assist you.


Q:  Can I receive the NAHRO MONITOR as a Subscription?
A:  You can only receive the NAHRO Monitor subscription if you have been designated as an Associate of your agency. Associates can receive the subscription in hard copy for $20 per year. The primary contact of the agency receives a hard copy as a member benefit. All other associates receive it via electronic notification.

Q: Can I receive the Journal of Housing & Community Development (JOHCD) as a Subscription?
A:  If your agency/organization is a member, you do not need to subscribe to the Journal.  All Associates and employees of member agencies can access the Journal online at

Agency Awards

Q:  What are the Agency Awards of Merit and how can I apply?
A:   The Agency Awards Program is a two-tiered program consisting of the Awards of Merit and the Awards of Excellence.  The first tier of the program, the Awards of Merit, are submitted to National NAHRO and sent to Regional Juries for review.

The second tier of the program, the Awards of Excellence, are selected from the Award of Merit winners nominated for an Award of Excellence by the Regional Juries.  They are sent to National Juries who may select up to 24 Awards of Excellence each year.

Q:  Did you receive my awards entry?
A:   Once you process and submit an agency awards of Merit application, you will receive a submission number and an email notification confirming that it was received by us.  If you do not receive a submission number, please email or call La Tonya Rajah at, 202-580-7206 and she will be happy to assist you.

Q: What is the cost to apply for an Agency Awards of Merit?
A:   There are three costs pertaining to the agency awards.  Early Bird Rate: $50, Regular Rate: $75, and the Late Rate: $150.00.

Q: When can I apply for an Agency Awards of Merit?
A:   Awards of Merit applications are available from September thru January at