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While some of the Journal articles are accessible to all readers, others require a subscription to read. See below for options.

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If your agency/company is already a member of NAHRO or you are an individual member of NAHRO, you may access the Journal online for free.  However, you will need a NAHRO login, which consists of your username (the email NAHRO has on file for you) and your password (the default password is your NAHRO member ID minus the leading zeros, but you may have changed it to something else).  If you need help with your password, please contact the NAHRO IT Department at (202) 580-7228 or send an email to

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If you are a paid subscriber, you will also need a login.  If you do not already have a subscriber account and password, please provide an email address to in order for NAHRO to set up a password for you so you can begin accessing the Journal online.   Once the password has been set up, an email will be sent to you with your login. 

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Subscriptions to the Journal of Housing and Community Development are part of NAHRO member benefits. If you are not a NAHRO member and would like full access to all our articles and archives, please click on the “Subscribe” button below and fill out the form. The non-member subscription fee is $36/year (six issues).

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