HUD Creates New Source of Income Discrimination Website for HCV Program

By: Tushar Gurjal, Senior Policy Manager

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development created a new Source of Income (SOI) Discrimination website for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. The website discusses what source of income discrimination is; provides a map of jurisdictions in the United States that have already enacted SOI laws; notes that low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) properties are required to accept vouchers; provides information for tenants on SOI laws; provides information for PHAs on SOI laws; and discusses campaigns to create and raise awareness of SOI laws.

The websites states that PHAs can help voucher holders by doing the following (bullet points below are quoted directly from HUD’s website):

  • Provide Information. During HCV briefings, provide information on who tenants can contact regarding source of income discrimination. If a form exists, include a State or local SOI discrimination complaint form in the HCV briefing packet.
  • Act on Complaints. When informed of a SOI discrimination complaint by a voucher holder, PHAs may actively work with landlords to resolve the issue before issuing a fair housing referral. If unable resolve, refer voucher holder to a local fair housing or legal assistance organization.
  • Educate Owners. PHAs may educate owners on local and State SOI protection laws and help dispel myths perpetuated about the HCV program and tenants.
  • Improve Relationships With Landlords. PHAs may find resources for PHAs to Improve HCV Landlord Participation here.
  • Track and Refer Complaints. PHAs may create internal processes to track complaints and monitor for patterns of discrimination. PHAs may work with local or State fair housing organizations for possible testing.

The full SOI discrimination website can be found here.

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