NAHRO Celebrates National Community Development Week

Celebrating the Impact of the CDBG and HOME Programs

NAHRO joins the National Community Development Association, the National Association of Counties, U.S. Conference of Mayors, the Council of State Community Development Agencies, the American Planning Association, National Association for County Community and Economic Development, and the National Association of Regional Councils in recognizing April 5-9, 2021 as National Community Development Week.

It’s a week dedicated to communities across the country coming together to celebrate the impact of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program.

The CDBG program provides grants to 1,261 local and state governments to fund activities that improve neighborhoods and communities for low- and moderate-income people. Every $1.00 of CDBG leverages another $4.09 in other funding; bringing additional resources to communities that support jobs, businesses and, most importantly, the people who live there. Since 2005, the CDBG program has preserved more than 1.25 million units of affordable housing, funded public infrastructure projects that have assisted over 51 million people, and assisted over 147 million people with public services.

The HOME program provides grants to over 600 participating jurisdictions to help fund safe, decent, affordable housing for low-income households. Every $1.00 of HOME leverages another $4.44 in other funding. Since 1992, the HOME program has created more than 1.31 million affordable homes and provided direct rental assistance to more than 369,000 low-income families.

Given the continued shortage of affordable housing, the ongoing need for infrastructure and services, and investment in low-income neighborhoods, NAHRO calls on Congress to support these critical programs by increasing funding for CDBG and HOME in FY22. We urge you to participate in the National Community Development Week social media messaging campaign by posting and sharing the daily social media messages, available here. We also urge local and state governments to issue proclamations of support during National Community Development Week to recognize the CDBG and HOME programs. Sample proclamations and other activity ideas are available in the National Community Development Week Tool Kit.


NAHRO, which was established in 1933, is a membership organization of 20,000 housing and community development providers and professionals throughout the United States. NAHRO members create and manage affordable housing for low- and middle-income families, and support vibrant communities that enhance the quality of life for all. They administer more than 3 million homes for more than 8 million people.

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