NAHRO Releases Its 2024 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda Including FY 25 Funding Recommendations

NAHRO is excited to release its 2024 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda, which includes NAHRO’s FY 2025 funding recommendations. In creating its FY 2025 funding recommendations, NAHRO worked collaboratively with other housing agency associations and set joint funding recommendations. Building on NAHRO’s 2024 Policy Priorities and joint funding recommendations, this year’s Legislative and Regulatory Agenda has the following themes:  

  • Adequate and Responsible Funding; 
  • Holistic and Equitable Approaches to Community Development  
  • Building and Preserving Affordable Units through Streamlined Programs; and 
  • Implementing Creative, Local Solutions.

NAHRO is releasing its 2024 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda in conjunction with its Washington Conference, held this April 8-10. Attendees at the conference will receive a physical copy of the agenda that they can use to help them develop talking points for their Capitol Hill Day meetings.

Note: This year, attendees must opt-in to be scheduled for Hill Day meetings using a link in the confirmation e-mail. The last day to opt-in for NAHRO’s scheduling service is March 29. If you haven’t opted in yet, or are unsure if you have, please reach out to Jenna Hampton ( NAHRO has also put together a variety of resources that you can use on your Hill Day visits, including its Hill Day Tool Kit and a recording on “What You Need to Know Before You Go,” all available on NAHRO’s Hill Day Resource Page.

The two-step release of NAHRO’s 2024 Policy Priorities and its 2024 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is a part of NAHRO’s continued efforts to integrate and strengthen its policy and legislative affairs work. These documents include tangible requests that NAHRO’s members can incorporate into their own legislative and regulatory work for 2024.

Industry groups’ joint budget recommendations can be found here.

NAHRO’s 2024 Policy Priorities can be found here.

NAHRO’s 2024 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda can be found here.

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