NAHRO Capitol Hill Day

Thursday, March 23

Traditionally, NAHRO’s Hill Day is an opportunity for NAHRO members to go to Capitol Hill and meet with lawmakers to discuss affordable housing and community development issues in their communities. This is a critical opportunity for members to make a personal connection with Washington, DC-based Congressional offices and their staff.

NAHRO members meeting with Senator Mike Crapo outside his office in Washington, DC.

Let us schedule your virtual Hill Day meetings for you!
As a complimentary benefit for conference attendees, NAHRO is scheduling meetings with your members of Congress on your behalf. Your meetings will happen in-person or via conference call on Thursday, March 23 throughout the day depending on the availability of your legislators or their staff. Once you register for the conference, we will schedule your meetings with your Representative and two Senators; we will request your meetings based on the address you used to register for the conference. You will then receive information about your meetings via email, prior to the conference. (If you do not want NAHRO to schedule your meetings, please click the opt-out button during conference registration.)

Additionally, during the conference, be sure to attend The Washington Report Plenary session and Advocacy session on March 22, for advocacy tips and an examination of the current environment in Washington, as well as a review of NAHRO’s legislative and regulatory priorities and funding recommendations.

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