Advocacy Alert: Tell Congress to Avoid a Government Shutdown!

As Congress returns to Washington following the August recess, the rhetoric over government spending is heating up. Congress only has 18 legislative days before the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1 to approve a continuing resolution. Major decisions over policy provisions, funding levels, and the length of the continuing resolution must be decided in that time … A government shutdown is possible. Speak out now to tell Congress to avoid a costly and damaging shutdown! 

It’s no secret that government shutdowns are bad governance and have a negative impact on housing and community development programs and the communities they serve. Tell your legislators now to avoid a government shutdown to ensure that federal programs can run efficiently. 

NAHRO is only 13,000 letters away from reaching our goal of sending 50,000 letters during the August recess, act now to help us achieve our goal! Missed a previous letter during August advocacy? Send it now!  All the previous weeks’ letters are still available to send.