August Advocacy Week 4: A Special Message from Rep. Pramila Jayapal

August advocacy week four focuses on increasing housing voucher utilization through additional PHA flexibilities- help NAHRO reach its goal of sending 50,000 letters by telling your legislators to support additional housing voucher program funding flexibilities.

Established in 1974, the Housing Choice Voucher program (HCV) is the federal government’s largest rental assistance program. HCVs support more than 5 million Americans in a total of 2.3 million households. This critical program provides families with access to the private housing market through federal subsidies and empowers families with neighborhood choice. However, amidst the current housing supply crisis, units are becoming even more difficult to find as the market grows increasingly competitive. Additionally, fewer landlords opt into the program. To help voucher holders succeed, Congress must ensure Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) have all the tools necessary to overcome barriers to housing in their rental markets.

PHAs receive limited funding to administer housing vouchers and help residents lease units. Additional flexibilities in how to use their Housing Assistance Payment funding could help increase the number of voucher holders who successfully utilize their vouchers.