Candidate for NAHRO Senior Vice President: Marsha Parham-Green

Marsha J. Parham-Green, CME,MA, MNPM
Executive Director
Baltimore County Office of Housing

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  • July Question: If there was one top post-COVID-19 opportunity for NAHRO to seize upon, what would that opportunity be? 
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  • June Question: Please share from your viewpoint what makes NAHRO Professional Development (PD) and Certification unique and how will you prioritize it during your term?
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  • May Question: What Responsibility do NAHRO members have in advocating the importance of affordabke housing and HUD programs to their members of Congress?
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Vision Statement En Espanol

To lead NAHRO to being the leading housing and community development association and to create a platform that will promote equality, equity, and inclusion through education and advocacy.

Bio En Espanol

My first opportunity to step into affordable housing arena occurred in 2007 with the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County as their Director of Finance.  Larry Lloyd and Clifton Martin introduced me to the world of affordable housing.  Currently I serve as the Executive Director of the Baltimore County Office of Housing since June 2012.  In October of 2012 I was appointed by the Baltimore County Executive to also serve as the Executive Director of the Human Relations Commission.  In that role it was my responsibility to enforce anti-discrimination law and work with the County Council to implement source of income legislation; which successfully passed in 2019.  This role and position has given me a unique and unusual perspective into the realm of discrimination, inequity and creating solutions to these disparities for all.

As businesswoman at heart, I have learned to integrate both business and public office together into success.  I have used my skills to bring a variety of regional agencies and businesses together harmoniously.  I currently chair the Regional Housing Agency Collaborative within the Baltimore Region.  Since 2014, I have worked with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council to draft the Baltimore Region Analysis of Impediments (AI).

The Notre Dame University of Maryland as supported me during my lifelong journey of education and leadership.  Since 2006 I have achieved the following degrees:

  •  Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration
  •  Master’s degree in Non Profit Management and Human Resource Management
  • Master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development
  • Candidate for Doctor of Education Philosophy – Higher Education Leadership for Changing Populations

Dissertation Research Topic:  Assessment of changes in poverty and racial composition in neighborhoods and the impact on low income families that participate in a Mobility Counseling Program and the families left behind. 

Education is a never ending journey; that is why I am so passionate about NAHRO Professional Development.  Our staff and Commissioners must continue to stay abreast of the ever changing aspects of the programs we administer.  Educating ourselves, our families, and policy makers is a must in order to improve the programs we administer and implement new programs and policy.

After attending my NAHRO conference in 2008 I vowed to become engaged and stay engaged in this wonderful organization I had just discovered.  Over the years I have had the honor of serving in the following capacity:

  • VP of Professional Development with portfolio
  • 2017- Current – Board of Governors
  • Strategic Planning Group (SPAG)
  • CEO Evaluation Committee (authored the evaluation)
  • Budget and Administration representing Professional Development
  • International Forum
  • NAHRO Faculty
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At the State and Regional Level, I have served as:

  • State Chapter President
  • State Chapter Treasurer (4 terms)
  • Regional President (contested election)
  • Regional Chair – Professional Development Committee

Last but not least, I am NAHRO Certified.  I hold the following certifications:

  • Certified Management Executive (CME)
  • Public Housing Management (PHM),
  • Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

My past NAHRO leadership positions prepared me for this next step in my NAHRO career as Senior Vice President.  Although my plate is full, it was important that NAHRO membership had a choice.  There have been too many uncontested elections, especially when there the NAHRO membership represents so much leadership talent within our ranks.  My plan is to be your choice for Senior Vice President and will work hard to earn your support.

Believing you can achieve your goal takes you to the half way point in your journey.  Your support will help me with the other half of the journey.  It will be important for me to understand what the NAHRO membership family wants in their next leader; understand your needs and your desires.  As a leader in this industry, I believe strongly that I am qualified to meet your expectations.

We need leaders who recognize the harm being done to people and planet through the dominant practices that control, ignore, abuse, and oppress the human spirit.  We need leaders who put service over self, stand steadfast in crises and failures, and who display unshakeable faith that people can be generous, creative, and kind.

Margaret Wheatley

Messages to the Membership

Education and Housing: My Perspective


  • Baltimore County Government
  • Middle Atlantic Regional Council Executve Board
  • Maryland Association of Housing and Redevelopment Agencies (MAHRA)
  • New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Officials   (NJNAHRO)  
  • Pennsylvania Association of Housing & Redevelopment Agencies (PAHRA)  

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Every NAHRO individual member or associate, allied individual member, and those certified through one of NAHRO’s Credentialing programs, must live and work by NAHRO’s Code of Professional Conduct.

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