BPC Partnership Award


This award recognizes a Business Partners Council member whose work with a housing agency or community development agency exemplifies a joint effort that creates positive change.  

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The original MSC community Service Award was established in 2002 by the Executive Board of the MSC.  In 2018, the MSC changed its name to the Business Partners Council (BPC) to better reflect the diversity of vendors and emphasize their partnerships with housing and community development agencies.  In order to provide a way to acknowledge and honor those joint ventures and partnerships, the BPC made changes to the previous MSC Award in order to create the BPC Partnership Award.


Current BPC members and HAs or associations that administer affordable housing programs will be eligible. Each entry must be limited to one specific partnership example. BPC members may also enter new products and services that have not yet been implemented, but that would meet the above criteria with the support of the HA for which the product/service is being designed. BPC members may also enter products, services, and philanthropic activities (e.g., scholarships or volunteer projects) that benefit multiple HAs or their local communities. Examples of such initiatives are:

  • Products or services implemented that enhanced new development or construction
  • Product use that met/exceeded green initiatives, either existing or new
  • Product or service that contributed to property and value of life improvements
  • Product or service that included out-of-the-box financing or funding
  • Product or service initiative that increased small, disadvantaged business or tenant involvement.


To apply for the BPC/HA Partnership Award, all applicants must respond to the following in 1500 words or less.

  • Describe the BPC / HA Partnership’s most significant accomplishment in development over the past 12 months.
  • Describe the BPC / HA Partnership’s achievement by the employees that helped the partnership reach their goal.
  • Describe the lasting impact of the partnership development for the residents in the community served.


Nominations must be submitted online by August 13, 2021.
Recipients will be notified in October 2021.

Presentation of Award:  The Award will be given in person at a general session at the National Conference and Exhibition in the fall.


Apply online — Available January (all applications must be submitted online)



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Crews and Associates, Inc., Little Rock, AR


Constellation Energy


General Electric Company, Louisville, KY


Tenmast Software, Lexington, KY


Housing Authority Insurance Group (HAI), Cheshire, CT

Maintenance USA, Jacksonville, FL

Tenmast Software, Lexington, KY


PDQ Supply, Batavia, IL

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Hoffman Estates, IL

Happy Software, Saratoga Springs, NY

Bob Williams, MacGray, Cambridge, MA

For additional information, contact:

Sylvia Gimenez

Director of Communications
phone 202-289-3500 x 7224 mail Send Sylvia an email