Making Local Recognition Work

Making Local Recognition Work for Your Agency

Interview the resident and write their story in your newsletter. Some questions to ask:

  • What has been the greatest contributor to your success?
  • How has housing assistance helped you and your family?
  • What is your next goal?
  • What would you say to elected officials who make decisions about low-income housing?

You may also send a Press Release to your local paper (check with the honoree, first, to see if they mind you sharing his or her story). Look for similar stories housing or human services and send the release to that reporter. It always helps if you can offer to arrange an interview or photo opportunity.


  • Ask your agency staff often if there is anyone there are people they work with who stand out in their minds. They would probably make great nominees.
  • Focus on the achievement, not on the struggles this honoree has had in making the achievement.
  • Ask yourself how does this honoree represent why our work is important in the community?