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#HousersAtWork Stories

Public housing agencies (PHAs) of all sizes are responding to the COVID-19 health crisis while continuing to house families and provide platforms for opportunity. NAHRO’s #HousersAtWork campaign shows how much our PHA members do for their residents and communities – especially during this pandemic. 

This page is a rolling archive of the stories that we’re sharing. For more information on the campaign and how you can share your stories, visit

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Atlanta Housing

As COVID-19 continues, Atlanta Housing commits to house 550 families at risk of homelessness through its Haven program and HomeFirst partnership.

Starkville Housing Authority

Starkville Housing Authority brought hot meals, hand sanitizer, and book bags to their residents. “A stress reliever, a meal, I’m just happy that we could provide some type of service.”

St. Louis Housing Authority

To keep residents in their homes during COVID-19, St. Louis Housing Authority extended their eviction moratorium until September 30.

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority will partner will residents on health improvement efforts for 2021 as part of the Highrise Health Alliance.

Chicago Housing Authority

Chicago Housing Authority stays COVID-19 safe while celebrating college-bound students – “Going to college is life-changing… we want to support that.”

Reno Housing Authority

Reno Housing Authority provides new homes for low-income seniors during COVID-19 with 44 new units at Willie J. Wynn Apartments.

Housing Authority of the District of Birmingham

The Housing Authority of the District of Birmingham partnered with Better Basics to create a “Book Nook” for Birmingham children.

Housing Authority of Salt Lake City

The Housing Authority of Salt Lake City delivered COVID-19 care packages to senior residents “because it is the most simple gestures that make the most significant of differences.”

Housing Authority of the City of Austin

Read how the Housing Authority of the City of Austin provided COVID-19 rental assistance to 1,680 families in May and June.

Loveland Housing Authority

During COVID-19, Loveland Housing Authority surveyed community members about future affordable housing development: “There is room to do more, and we are seeking to find out what that could be.”

Boston Housing Authority

Boston Housing Authority thanks their staff and AmeriCorps VISTA partners for over 100,000 meals distributed to residents during COVID-19.

Cook Inlet Housing Authority

Cook Inlet Housing Authority honors their “Behind the Scenes Heroes” – the people who continue maintaining units and keeping residents safe during COVID-19.

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority

CMHA supports summer learning during COVID-19 by providing youth activity packets in partnership with Footpath Foundation.

Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh

The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh partnered with local organizations to provide free COVID-19 testing to residents.

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

NYCHA and Vision Urbana, Inc. distributed free COVID-19 face masks and food donations to Vladeck Houses residents.

Opelika Housing Authority

Opelika Housing Authority helps residents cross the “Digital Divide” by providing free internet services to all 10 of its communities.

San Antonio Housing Authority

San Antonio Housing Authority partnered with local organizations to provide residents nearly $390,000 in food donations during COVID-19.

East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority

EBRPHA used CARES Act funds for COVID-19 care packages because, “This is more than just a health and wellness measure. It is a way to let our families know that we care about them.”

Columbia Housing Authority

Columbia Housing Authority coordinated food and healthcare item donations for their residents during COVID-19.

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority is keeping residents in their homes by extending its eviction moratorium from July 25 to Sept 1.


Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro

The Housing Authority of the City of Goldsboro hosted COVID-19 testing for the Goldsboro community.

Housing Authority of the City of Laurel

Laurel Housing leadership is keeping staff and residents safe with masks, outdoor meetings, and social distancing.

Coventry Housing Authority

Coventry Housing Authority partnered with Coventry Resource and Senior Center to deliver fresh produce to residents.

Fresno Housing Authority

Fresno Housing Authority is bringing summer camp online during COVID-19. Campers will learn virtual skills like coding and video editing.

Fayetteville Housing Authority

From April to June, Fayetteville Housing Authority worked with a local church to open a community garden for Morgan Manor residents.

Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Housing Authority provides food distribution and employment opportunities through its summer food program.

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority partnered with several organizations to bring free COVID-19 testing to residents.

City of Phoenix Housing Department

The City of Phoenix Housing Department proudly supports Mayor Gallego’s plan to create or preserve 50k homes by 2030.

District of Columbia Housing Authority

Residents across Washington DC received about 8000 COVID-19 care packages from DC Housing Authority.

King County Housing Authority

King County Housing Authority partners with Hopelink Mobile Market to increase food access for residents during COVID-19. (Photo taken in January)

Housing Authority of Billings

Read about two leaders from the Housing Authority of Billings and the Billings Continuum of Care (CoC) who are preventing homelessness during COVID-19.

Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority

This summer, Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority asked residents about their needs and responded with giveaway packages including PPE supplies.

Tampa Housing Authority

Read how Tampa Housing Authority is working with PBX-Change to provide free hi-speed internet to residents during COVID-19.

Rockford Housing Authority

The Lifeforce Development Institute at Rockford Housing Authority helps residents develop workforce skills and connect to internships.

Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Check out this article on how ARHA helped its residents cope during COVID-19 by providing rent support, giving out PPE, and transitioning to digital payment and recertification.

Waco Housing Authority & Affiliates

NAHRO spoke with WHAA to find out how both staff and residents safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more here.

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority

Since March 23, Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority has welcomed 44 new families to their units during COVID-19.

Auburn Housing Authority

Residents can pick up meals every Thursday from Auburn Housing Authority housers.

Bangor Housing and Home Forward

The Urban Institute’s article on two housing agencies – Bangor Housing and Home Forward – shares how staff are supporting senior residents with food delivery, regular check-up calls, and more.

The Houston Housing Authority

The Houston Housing Authority and its partners provided free masks and groceries to their Cuney Homes residents.

In a July 13 tweet, the Houston Housing Authority showed how they provided a weekend drive-through mask and grocery giveaway at one of their public housing properties.

Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis

This article explains how the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis will extend its #eviction moratorium until November.

Housing Authority of Baltimore City

How are public housing agencies helping during COVID-19? We’re kicking off our #HousersAtWork campaign by bringing back this funky PSA, courtesy of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and the legendary Sugar Hill Gang.  

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is habc_housersatwork-1024x634.jpg
Screenshot from HABC “Everybody is at risk” campaign, featuring the Sugar Hill Gang.

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