Awards for Agencies

 NAHRO provides opportunities for its member agencies to receive national recognition for their innovative housing and community development projects, programs, and services.   These awards provide additional opportunities to inform the public of the best in housing and community development; and to create a resource bank of information on significant innovative activities performed by housing and redevelopment agencies and community development departments. Information from award recipients is also used to support NAHRO's positions at HUD and in Congress.

Awards of Merit

These Awards are available to member agencies to showcase their innovative programs. The Merit Award winners are featured during the Summer Conference.  A Members-Only  searchable Solutions Database includes the winning Merit Award entries since 2000.

Awards of Excellence

Nominated from among the Award of Merit winners each year, these Awards are chosen by national juries and presented at the annual National Conference and Exhibition.  They represent the very best in innovative programs in assisted housing and community development. 

Mary K. Nenno Advocacy Award

The Mary K. Nenno Advocacy Award recognizes outstanding and innovative achievement in the area of legislative advocacy. Awardees are recognized during NAHRO's annual Spring Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

MSC Community Service Award

The award recognizes outstanding NAHRO Manufacturers and Suppliers Council (MSC) members and their staff engaged in voluntary community service for the benefit of a resident, a local housing authority, a community development agency, or other entity involved in providing low-income housing or serving that population.

For additional information, contact:

Awards of Merit and Excellence

Lori Myers-Carpenter  -  toll free 877-866-2476, ext. 7221
Tawanna Barnes-Jackson
- toll free 877-866-2476, ext 7230

Mary K. Nenno Advocacy Award

John Bohm - toll free 877-866-2476, ext 7215

MSC Community Service Award

Sylvia Bowen - toll free 877-866-2476, ext. 7201