Executive Director Bootcamp

Are you a new Executive Director? Come to the conference a day early for our Executive Director Bootcamp on Thursday, October 5.

The Bootcamp is included in conference registration (no extra charge) but space is limited – and admission is first come, first serve. As of 8/24/23: The Bootcamp is at full capacity; a waiting list will not be maintained.

The Executive Director Bootcamp will run 10:15am – 4:30pm and consists of a series of (3) sessions geared to new Executive Directors and presented by the seasoned NAHRO Fellows.

Sessions are as follows:

10:15am – 11:45am
Strategizing and Creating New Revenue Streams for the PHA
Agencies continue to struggle with their dependency on restricted federal revenues and grants with limited flexibility.  Today, housing agencies strive to create better, stronger and more sustainable resources for the communities they serve.  Attend this session and hear from NAHRO Fellows with a vast array of experiences and strategies how they were able to plan and create new revenue streams and financial opportunities for their agencies.  Such topics as creating a non-profit corporation, diversifying portfolios, changing enabling legislation, working with other housing agencies, consortia and other concepts will be discussed.  Come and expand your strategies, goals and vision of your agency; and let the Fellows provide that spark you might need to get started.

Lunch break

1:15pm – 2:45pm
Navigating Conflict Resolution with and within the Board of Commissioners
Executive level staff and Boards of Commissioners do not always agree on a course of action or future goals, especially when trying to balance ethics, morals, principles and economics.  Housing agencies are the stewards of public trust, and as such, different roles have different lenses and concerns that they bring to the board room.  This can lead to conflict and tension, which requires the leaders to navigate with professionalism and grace.  The NAHRO Fellows will share and discuss a variety of methods, tools, skills and values to assist executives with effective board relationships.  Understanding intent and purpose behind decisions and communication is essential to performing well as a negotiator, moderator and navigator; this session is focused on providing you valued information for your professional toolbox.

3:00pm – 4:30pm
Effective Strategies for Addressing the Industry Employment Gap with an Employee Centered Approach
Employee turnover rates and job vacancies are at an all-time high. Consequently, the way we recruit, onboard, and develop new employees is rapidly evolving. Leading agencies are taking this opportunity to reimagine the way they attract and onboard new recruits, train, engage, and keep their workforce up-to-date with evolving regulations and policies. It is vital that they select scalable and efficient tools and use effective techniques that keep our industry’s best talent informed, skilled-up and compliant. Learn what it takes to attract, develop and retain a talented workforce.